Miss Minnie’s Boutique


Miss Minnie’s Boutique (the one with the pussycat in its’ logo) is located at 34 First Avenue Sawtell and is owned by local lady Maria (Minnie) Metcalfe.

It is a beautifully presented boutique with fabulous music always playing (there’s nothing like a bit of ‘60’s). Whilst at the back of the store, there is always a good old classic movie being played on the large TV (Miss Minnie loves her Audrey, Marilyn and a bit of Humphrey to boot).

Miss Minnie’s stocks a great array of labels, some being, Boo Radley, Bella Lido, Alessi and Olive Et Julie.  There is a wide range of beautiful cotton and silk clothing, great hats, classy costume jewellery, scarves and gorgeous handbags.

You can also always find a great pair of shoes to match any outfit you desire, from labels such as Django & Juliette, I Love Billy & Miz Mooz to name a few. To end this little spiel, Miss Minnie’s has one piece of advice, be good to your mother, oh and always remove one accessory before you leave the house!

Address 34 First Avenue, Sawtell NSW 2452

Phone 02 6658 8256

Email missminnies13@gmail.com