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Sawtell is a is haven for golden beaches. Whether your passion is fishing, swimming, surfing or recreation. From patrolled family friendly beaches, to pumping surf breaks, to the natural beauty of wide-open virtually untouched stretches of sand, if you love the ocean, you will fall in love with Sawtell.

Surf breaks

SouthSide Sawtell
Best conditions: North to North Easterly winds Swell size 2 to 11 foot Low to Mid Tide
Amenities: Showers, Toilets, Parking
Locally known as ‘Southies’ this break is essentially a headland with a creek outlet – depending on banks, tides, and swell, it can produce either point-break style waves, peaky beachies, or a heavily sucking wedge. One of the few spots in the area protected from Northerlies, Southies is pretty popular in Summer. As with a lot of the area, the jump-off rocks are sharp, vertically aligned strata – watch your step!

Sawtell Island
Best conditions: South to South Westerly winds Swell size 2 to 11 foot Low to Mid Tide
Amenities: Showers, Toilets, Parking
One of the best spots when the wind is Southerly and there’s a heavy South swell running – hence it’s usually best in Winter. Generally a longer point-style wave, Island sometimes produces a few wrapping sections to launch off. Usually easiest to paddle out right near the island.

Sawtell Main
Best conditions: South to South Westerly winds Swell size 2 to 8 foot Low to Mid Tide
Amenities: Showers, Toilets, Parking, Patrolled Beach
Sawtell Main is pretty versatile, working in most conditions as long as the wind isn’t too strong. It produces everything from long barrelling sections to short peaks, depending on banks and swell direction.

Best conditions: South to South Westerly winds Swell size 2 to 11 foot Low to mid tide
Amenities: Parking
Pretty fickle, but when it’s on, it’s on! Needing a good South swell and S-SW winds to fire, Trapdoors is basically a barrelling point-break, similar to Burleigh, Lennox, etc. Tricky rock hop to jump off.

Family Beaches

Sawtell Main
Amenities: Showers, Toilets, Parking, Patrolled Beach
Sawtell Main Beach is home to The Sawtell Surf Club. The Beach is patrolled daily during most of the summer, and is a popular surf, swimming and fishing beach. There is a wooden viewing platform and grassed area ideal for picnics and enjoying the sunshine. The Sawtell Surf Club houses a café and also provides shower and toilet facilities.

Boambee Creek Reserve
Amenities: Showers, Toilets, Parking Paid, BBQ facilities
Boambee Creek Reserve, at the southern end of Boambee beach, (access via Sawtell Road), is a popular area for locals with younger children. The reserve offers crystal clear shallow water for smaller children and playground facilities. It is perfect for picnics as there are barbeques, shelters and takeaway food. The reserve also has beach showers and toilet facilities. The reserve charges a nominal fee for car parking in the reserve. There is also a pedestrian bridge under the rail bridge which provides keen fishermen and walkers access to the southern end of Boambee beach. Boambee Headland is also the perfect location for whale watching during winter and spring.

Southside and Sawtell Rock Pool
Amenities: Showers, Toilets, Parking
Sited on the south side of the Bonville Headland, the Sawtell Memorial Rock Pool is unique to the Coffs Harbour area. It is the only ocean pool in the region and it offers a family friendly, protected swimming facility for the community and visitors alike. The pool is protected from the strong permanent rip that runs out past the pool and is ideal for summer bathing as it is during this time that the north easterly wind is an ever present element for beach goers. The pool was first unofficially used for the first time in the summer of 1962, however it was in 1963 that the pool was officially dedicated as a war memorial pool. In 2000 the pool was finally listed on the Coffs Harbour Local Environmental Plan (LEP) as a heritage item. Today, the Sawtell Memorial Rock Pool is utilised by a wide variety of people within the community. There is ample parking and a new amenities block, which has been decorated with a fascinating mural, reflecting the natural elements surrounding the area. The headland boasts the most spectacular views and is the perfect place for a sunset picnic with plenty of grassed areas for the family. Whether you are a daily swimmer after a pool to do laps in, or a family, looking for some safe, recreational fun, the Sawtell Memorial Rock pool is definitely worth the visit.

Recreation Beaches

Boambee Beach and Estuary
Boambee Beach extends from Corambirra Point (near the Deep Sea Fishing Club) to Boambee Creek (north of Sawtell). The beach is not patrolled though popular with fishermen, horse trainers, joggers, jet-ski riders, four wheel drive enthusiasts, and dogs are allowed on the beach off the leash.

Murrays Beach
Situated between the Northern Sawtell Headland and the rocks that divide the beach, is Murray’s Beach. The beach is unpatrolled and allows dogs to be walked on the lead. Very popular with early morning walkers, it’s a great place to look for flotsam washed up on the shore.

Sawtell Island and Bay
Amenities: Showers, Parking
Situated at the southern end of Sawtell Beach, the Island is a popular surfing and swimming spot. The Bay is located just south of the island and is ideal for families with calm shallow waters. It is also a very popular snorkeling location ideal for beginners to advanced. With an abundance of shallow rock pools, beginners can work their way through the rock pools in safety, whilst the more advanced can venture out around the island. Sawtell Island and Bay are not patrolled, however there is parking and shower facilities

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